The World Deaf Golf Championships is coming to Denmark

106 golfers from 18 countries from the whole world will meet in Copenhagen the 26th-29th of July. The occasion is the World Deaf Golf Championships.

- The World Championships is one of the most prestigious events in the world of the sports. It"s great for all of us, who love golf, that we"re going to host such an event for Deaf people, says Joachim T. Krøyer, the deaf president of organization committee, and CEO of the Danish Deaf Sports Association.

Sports connects people
The latest World Deaf Golf Championships was held in 2014 in Michigan, USA. All the three winners of the last Championships will be in Copenhagen to compete for the medals. The Danish National Golf Team has six participants. Joachim T. Krøyer expects, that they"ll do it well in the tournament. Especially the golfer Hans Elgaard is tipped to get a high score.

An event with a positive impact
It has been hard work for the Organization Committee to get the tournament to Denmark. It"s the second time, that Denmark organizes a sports event of this size. Last time the Danish Sports Association was hosting a World Deaf Championship, was in 1982 and it was the World Deaf Cycling Championships.

The success of attracting such a big event to Denmark makes the Danish Organization Committee President very proud:

- To host one of the world's largest sporting events has a huge positive effect for all parts of the Danish Deaf Sports. And it"s a clear proof, that we are able to arrange events of this size. We got support from our partners and sponsors. The reason is, that they believe in Deaf sports and the future of it.

The Danish Deaf Sports Association has teamed up with the internationally known Danish golfer Steen Tinning. Through his network, he has been an important help to attract the World Deaf Golf Championships to Denmark. 

Support from partners

To ensure a high level around the tournament, the Danish Deaf Sports Association has teamed up with the Danish Golf Union. They have, in collaboration with the main sponsor, the high-tech hearing aid manufacturer Widex, contributed with their knowledge and money through the more than four years it took to plan the World Deaf Golf Championships.

 Jørgen Jensen, CEO for Widex, is proud to support the World Deaf Golf Championships. He tells:

- Hearing aids are helping people with hearing loss to get a more active lifestyle. We believe in and hope that attracting the World Deaf Championships to Denmark can help to increase awareness about the fact, that you can easily enjoy a very active lifestyle and pursue your ambitions and dreams, even if you have a hearing loss.

 - This event will provide a huge boost for Danish deaf sport for years to come. Hopefully we will be able to attract more big international events to Denmark. So this is great, concludes Joachim T. Krøyer.

 Soon the big planning will culminate in an great event in grand settings. The exclusive Copenhagen Royal Golf Club provides the venue for the tournament. The golfers are staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

 The stage is set for a great experience for both players and spectators.



Every second year the World Deaf Golf Federation organizes World Deaf Golf Championships. The first World Deaf Golf Championships was held in 1995 in England.

50-60 hearing and Deaf volunteers will provide transportation, media coverage, events, guide services, driving etc. On site there will be those languages: Spoken English and Danish, Danish sign language and International Sign. About 30 international and Danish Sign Language interpreters will ensure that bridges are being built between languages and cultures.


For additional information about the World Deaf Golf Championships, please contact:

Mette Bertelsen, Press Officer, phone +4593600160, mail: