Table Tennis

By Zsolt Nyiro

Dear Sport Friends!

As you all are aware, Bulgaria is hosting our 1st World Deaf Table Tennis Championships in Sofia between 31 May – 09 June 2008.

The ICSD Secretariat will re-distribute the preliminary form with a new deadline date of 15 February 2008, and deadline for Registration by name is 1 May 2008.

The host Organizers as well as ICSD officials strongly believe that this event will take place in perfect harmony with ICSD Regulation WC.1.5 and many regions will be represented.

1st World Deaf Table Tennis Championships in Sofia is considered as an important milestone of our sport. World Deaf Table Tennis Ranking is being created and will be frequently updated to be the only database for draw process of international events in future. Certainly the results achieved during the World Championship will also count when draw for Taipei Summer Deaflympics will be established.

World Deaf Table Tennis Ranking List as a benchmark will be built according to the results during:

  1. Deaflympics
  2. World Championships
  3. Continent and/or Regional Championships
  4. National Championships

So go ahead and include yourself in the tournament at Sofia next year!

During my inspection this past November in Sofia, I found preparations to be satisifactory. Organizers are meeting the timeline schedule and are offering 3 kinds of accommodations which will meet various of countries' budget needs. Detailed information sheet from Bulgarian Deaf Sport Federation will be on internet as soon as the required number of entries are registered.

Once again, it is highly recommended to include 1st World Deaf Table Tennis Championship into your Agenda and see you in Sofia!

Zsolt Nyírő
ICSD Technical Director - Table Tennis