By Marco Galmarini

Summer, Sun, Snowboarding - The Season of the Camper
Days are longer, temperatures rise, and the seeds of flowers sprout all over. Now is the time for the maniacs to do snowboarding. It is time for the Summer Camp, as long as the glaciers have not disappeared. Summer time is the glacial period. In the eternal ice we see the freestylers in the newly shaped parks trying to improve their style and learn new tricks. This, of course, offers a chance for a nice barbecue and a chill in the sun. Will you still prefer snow to sand and waves?

Starting from Norway to the North American hemisphere, summer comes again after the long bitter winter. Making its way to the Southern hemisphere, such as in New Zealand, the Summer Camp offers an opportunity to learn new tricks and practice style in snowboard. But the future looks bleak. The global temperature rises steadily, triggering the attack on the glacier. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions does not appear to be in sight. In some fifty years, the eternal ice in the Alps will finally disappear, according to the forecasts of the climate experts. But there is still enough time for surfing on the mountains. Be careful about your personal carbon dioxide amount and let yourself enjoy a car ride occasionally, soaking in the sights of the elegant summer glacier.

I wish you much success and fun in the summer camp on the glacier with the hot summer days.

ICSD Technical Director - Snowboard