Yutaka Osugi is ICSD Reform Commission member

My name is Yutaka Osugi and I send you my greetings from Japan.

ICSD has been on its reform journey for some time. What this has shown is that like for any reform work, it is not easy and requires a lot of commitment and hard work from all of us.

Recently, I attended the first ICSD Reform Committee meeting.  I was inspired by the commitment by the commission members. I am convinced that we will do a good job in our reform efforts.

However, I believe that the important thing for the commission is to ensure that there is good communication among ICSD members. As your representative, I will work towards ensuring that I engage with all of you including those of you in the Asia Pacific Region on information and new ideas about our reform journey. This will be important for driving the reform that we want to see at ICSD.

Thank you for your consideration.