World Cycling Centre

From UCI booklet: Developing Cycling, November 2001.

"The International Cycling Union is strengthening its policy of development, training and solidarity. The World Cycling Centre (WCC) is the strategic instrument which provides the practical means. Our sport needs impeccable, healthy and sound foundations. The WCC is destined to play a crucial part in this.

What is the WCC?
It is an education and training centre for the disciplines governed by the UCI, intended for riders, coaches and cycling officials.

Who trains at the WCC?
Two categories of riders:

  • Young talent (men and women), identified on the five continents by highly qualified trainers, appointed by the UCI, who co-operate with the officials of the Continental Centres and National Technical Centres. Originating from all countries, these trainees are recruited primarily in countries that do not yet have structures and means that are in keeping with their aspirations;
  • other riders of all levels, from the cycling sports enthusiast to the established champion sent by his team or his national federation."

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Centre Mondial du Cyclisme
World Cycling Centre
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