USA 21 Russia 2

The game started out as it should have- two legendary superpowers of hockey facing off against each other. But 49 seconds in the game, Matt Hargreaves (USA) slammed a puck into goalie Anatoli Poiapov's (RUS) corner of the court. From there on, the USA spirits were lifted and they began playing with the utmost confidence, slamming pucks into Russia's goal everywhere and playing deftly with the puck.

Hargreaves, along with Ed Chaisson (USA), and Sean Dee (USA) led the team into hockey euphoria as the Russians were unable to stop the Americans-- a total of eight goals were scored in the second period (even more astounding when the goals are all made by different players) by the Americans. Hargreaves shone with four goals in the game, and Tony McGaughey had the same number of goals, too. Ben Johnson (USA) and Dee scored hat tricks.

Russia played valiantly as its defense attempted to stop the barrage of goal attempts. Serguei Karguine and Oleg Vasianine scored Russia's only goals.

Interestingly enough, no goals were scored in the first 15 minutes of the third period-- until the Americans scored a barrage of six goals in the last five minutes. Russia also notched a goal with 1 minute and 15 seconds left.

By David Kurs