The Current Status of ICSD Reform Process

Dear all the members of ICSD,

We, ICSD Reform Commission, would like to let you all know what is happening on ICSD Reform Process.

Since there were no major reforms adopted at the last ICSD Congress in Italy in December 2019, the IOC pointed in their letter to ICSD on December 16th that there were still key areas of improvements for good governance that must be addressed before the IOC could release funds to ICSD.  

For this reason, IOC asked GAISF (General Association of International Sport Federations) to help ICSD with:
1. the GAISF Governance Self-Evaluation Form.
2. the review of the new Constitution, bylaws and regulations to make sure ICSD follows the principles of good governance.  

Result 1: ICSD Secretariat submitted it in April 2020 and got feedback from the GAISF with a list of areas that need improvements. The Sport Reform Commission reviewed the feedback.
Result 2: The Sport Reform Commission submitted the revised documents to ICSD Secretariat on April 29th. We believe GAISF Legal Counsel is now reviewing the documents.

We the Commission are committed to reducing and eliminating significant gaps in the governance structure of ICSD. We look forward to having a solid and healthy structure within the ICSD.

Thank you much.

Yutaka OSUGI
Chairperson, ICSD Reform Commission