I hope you all are well recovered from our unforgettable Summer Deaflympics in Taipei.

Now I have some topics for you:

Izmir, Turkey in 2011
At the technical meeting in Taipei after the tennis tournament we have agreed with the proposal to set up the 1st World Deaf Tennis Championships in the year 2011. This World Deaf Tennis Championships (WDTC) should take place in Izmir, Turkey.

In 2011 at Izmir there will be the 20th Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups (DMC) – known as the World Team Deaf Tennis Championships – from 18th until 25th of July 2011.

My proposed plan is to combine the DMC with the WDTC. The director of the organisation committee in Izmir has said to me, this is possible, but the Turkish Deaf Sports Federation has to decide about it.

So my planned time schedule looks like (it is only draft!):
-Arrival of all tennis athletes at 17th (Friday) or 18th June 2011 (Saturday)
-3 days for practices (18th/19th/20th June)
-11 days for tournament:
*the first 5 days DMC – from 21st until 25th June
*1 rest day (at 26th June)
*last 6 days WDTC – from 27th June until 2nd July
-Departure of all tennis athletes at 3rd July 2011 (Sunday)

I have sent my email to the Turkish Deaf Sports Federation and have asked him to accept the additional WDTC together with the DMC in Izmir. If we get the answer from this Federation I will inform you as soon as possible. I hope, Turkey can accept my proposal.

Tennis Championships Outlook
If Turkey accept hosting the WDTC and DMC in Izmir 2011 then the next WDTC and DMC will be hosted separately. The 21st Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups will hold in year 2014. The 2nd World Deaf Tennis Championships will hold in year 2015.

So from 2013 on the time schedule will be fixed:

  • 2013 Summer Deaflympics
  • 2014 DMC
  • 2015 WDTC
  • 2016 Regional Tennis Championships (European only)
  • 2017 Summer Deaflympics
  • 2018 DMC
  • 2019 WDTC
  • and so on...

Now I have great pleasure to ask you all:
-Who want to host the 21st Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups in 2014?
-Who want to host the 2nd World Deaf Tennis Championships in 2015?

Please send your host application form via email to me:

Consolation Events
Due to the problems for the tennis athletes in Taipei who have lost their matches in the first round and then cannot play further matches till the end of the tournament we can consider the consolation event in the future tournaments. This can be decided upon on the number of tennis athletes, the courts and the number of chair umpires only shortly after the final entry for the tennis tournament.

Ranking Points
I am pleased to inform you that the actual ranking points is published in our ICSD website under Tennis:

Deaf Open Tennis Tournaments 2010
At the last technical meeting in Taipei the USA and UK Tennis teams said they would think about hosting the Deaf Open Tennis tournament in 2010. The location in USA should be in Las Vegas directly after the Deaf Nation World Expo from 18th until 23th July 2010. So the Open tournament could start around 24th July.

The location in the UK could be in Nottingham during the month of July.

Both countries will send their final information in two weeks. If I get these information I will forward it to you all.

Contact Address
I want to contact with each person who is responsible for the Deaf Tennis in their country. My goal is to communicate with these persons directly parallel with the Deaf Sport Federations. So please send your email address, your full name and the name of your Deaf Sport Federation to me. My email address is:

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Tobias BURZ
ICSD Technical Director - Tennis

By Tobias Burz