Here are the latest news for the Deaflympics in Australia. You will find some clarifications & modifications.

  • 8.2.0 Participants: Each country may nominate a maximum of four(4) men and four(4) women plus two(2) alternates of each.
  • 8.2.1 No reserve or substitutes are allowed for the singles. The composition of a pair may only be changed with one(1) alternate if the player originally entered in a pair forfeits by a doctor's declaration. However, no changes may be made after the draw has taken place.
  • Regarding hot weather & breaks during middle of day, there will be a weather policy which will be set up by Sports Medicine Australia for all sports during the Deaflympics. It is very hard to say if we will have very hot weather on a specific day during the Deaflympics so there will be a back up plan (contingency).
    If the weather is very hot on that day, the competition will be stopped and adjourned until the weather returns to appropriate temperature. Therefore the delayed competitions will continue to play into late afternoon / evening. There is also an extra day as a back up at the end of the tennis competition.
  • Dress and equipment:
    All players shall dress and present themselves in a sportsmanlike manner during competition. Clean and customerily acceptable tennis attire shall be worn. Colours are allowed. Sweatshirts (except during warm-Up), gym shorts, dress shirts or any other inappropriate attire shall not be worn during a match. The Referee may instruct a change of attire.

Sportingly yours,

Josette Robinson
ICSD Technical Director - Tennis

By Josette Robinson