Table Tennis

To the attention of the entire Deaf National Sports Federations: 

I am about to compile the Worldwide Ranking Grid of deaf table-tennis players. This tool could also be a great help when preparing of drawings for future international competitions.

Honestly I actually have results on hand of Deaflympics and the European Championship only – to create a complete and fair ranking list I would need to have results of other great tournaments such as PanAmerican, African & Asian events – if and when they are available. If such an opportunity arises, I would personally attend and observe at those games.

I also request to please receive any Table Tennis news, no matter where from all around the globe would greatly be appreciated. News, highlights & results of regional tournaments, jubilee games etc. are also welcome. My Hungarian contact details are available on Deaflympics website.

I encourage you to bid for Table Tennis World Championships so we can have more opportunity for competitions! Please contact the Secretariat for more information if you are interested in hosting Table Tennis World Championship.

- Looking forward to hearing from you –

Zsolt Nyírő
ICSD Technical Director - Table Tennis

By Zsolt Nyiro