Switzerland 2 Russia 15

There was some hope today for the Switzerland Ice Hockey team in the first period of the game between Switzerland and Russia. Both teams faced off and Switzerland had met its match.  At the end of  the first period Switzerland had one goal and Russia had three. Switzerland's goalie Ruedi Bhend blocked many of the Russian scoring attempts in the first period.

Russia's goalie Anatoli Pospov blocked all attempts that the Swiss team made, for much of the game. If the Swiss had scored on all its attempts, it would have definitely won the game, but that was not the case. During the second period, energy among the Switzerland team lowered and Russia used that to their advantage, scoring 7 more goals in the second period.

Russia's Konstantin Seline led the team points in the second period. In the final period, Switzerland started to pass badly as a result of their tiredness and Russia scored 5 goals within minutes from each other. After the game you could see that the team spirit among the Switzerland team was not broken, they all still cheered for the best that they did today. If the Olympics awarded sportsmanship, the Switzerland Ice Hockey team would win it, with no doubt.

By Scott Mohan