Swimming & Water Polo


It's 2009, the year of Summer Deaflympics! We all meet again in September.

Eight (8) world records were broken in 2008. Björn KOCH of Germany continues to lower his times in the 100m Butterfly in both 25m and 50m pools. Michael ANDERSON and Craig MORGAN, both from Australia, broke short course records in the 100m Backstroke. Craig is also the new record holder of short course 50m Backstroke and he placed in the top ten rankings for the 2008 Sportsman of the Year. Good job and 2009 will see more new swimming world records.

T2009 Swimming Schedule is now posted. Please note preliminary heats will start at 10:00 am. This will allow sufficient time for swimmers to have a meal, commute to the pool, and warm-up.

Water Polo
T2009 Water Polo Schedule is posted. Matches will be fierce between Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and United States. Water Polo has not seen a repeat champion since 1981 when Hungary won back to back titles. Good luck teams!

Deaflympics Gold Water Polo
2005 – Germany
2001 – Italy
1997 – Hungary
1993 – United States
1985 – Italy
1981 – Hungary
1977 – Hungary

See you in eight months in Taipei! Train and perform well.

By the way, EDSO has announced that the 2010 EDSO Swimming Championships has been moved from Tallin, Estonia to Essen, Germany.

Aquatically yours,

ICSD Technical Director - Swimming & Water Polo

By Reed Gershwind