Swimming & Water Polo


Trust your summer went well and you had the chance to spend time in the water exercising or cooling off. In two more years, we all meet again for the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics. 


The 2007 World Deaf Swimming Championships concluded last month.  This event was successful.  Praise goes to CTSAD, Organizing Committee, Taipei and Taiwan Government Officials, sponsors, and volunteers.  Thank you!  The competition was very good with 7 new World Records, considering the pool was outdoors and two days were swum in the rain.  23 countries participated with over 225 swimmers, coaches, and officials.  Please check their excellent website, http://w2007.ncpes.edu.tw, for results, photos, and videos.  Fortunately, a typhoon passed over Taiwan at the closing of the competition and all countries returned home safely.   It was a good learning experience for everyone and preparations are moving ahead for the 21st Summer Deaflympics in September 2009.  The swimming competition will be strong and exciting.

The next 3rd World Deaf Swimming Championships will be in Lisbon, Portugal in August 2011.  ICSD is accepting applications for the 4th World Deaf Swimming Championships in the year of 2015.

Water Polo

There are now 7 teams registered for Men Water Polo for the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics.   I sincerely hope no more teams will withdraw.  We will use the same competition format as in 2001 Rome and 2005 Melbourne Games; preliminary matches with semi-finals and finals (medal matches).   I look forward to thrilling matches in two years among Australia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and United States.  Please note that we will still accept additional countries to sign up for water polo until our deadline of 1 June 2008. 

ICSD is still requesting nations to bid and host the 2nd World Deaf Water Polo Championships in 2011.  Please contact me for assistance or to begin a dialogue.

Aquatically yours,

Reed Gershwind
ICSD Technical Director - Swimming & Water Polo

By Reed Gershwind