Swimming & Water Polo


Congratulations to Greg Lessing and Terence Parkin, both of South Africa, for breaking Deaf Swimming World Records.  Greg's record is in the 200m Backstroke and Terence's in the 400m Individual Medley.  Records are posted on the www.Deaflympics.com website.

Please check out the schedule via www.2005Deaflympics.com website for the exciting Swimming events and Water Polo games to be held at the upcoming Melbourne Deaflympic Games. 

For those countries who have Swimming and/or Water Polo teams, please consider hosting the Deaf Swimming/Water Polo World Championships in 2007.  It is important for the aquatic athletes to compete internationally in the years between the Deaflympic Games. 

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all in Melbourne in two months.  Safe training and travels.

Reed Gershwind
ICSD Technical Director - Swimming & Water Polo
By Reed Gershwind