Summer is here!

By the time this goes to press, many of us will be traveling to Coimbra for the third World Deaf Swimming Championships from 6 to 13 August.

Portugal will provide exciting competition among the best international swimmers. Hotels, fees, transport, program (competition, opening/closing ceremony, Gala dinner), live results, and more can be found via their website - 2011 WDSC Portugal.

Since Greece pulled out of the 2013 Summer Deaflympics, there are no international swimming events after this coming WDSC. ICSD is seeking bids for the fourth WDSC 2015 and Short Course (25m) WDSC 2016. Countries and national deaf sports federations --- please take the lead and assist ICSD by hosting and managing competitions for world deaf athletes. The application form for Deaf World Championships can be found herePDF.

The future of deaf swimming is in our hands - let's plan, bid, and host swimming competitions.

See you at the pool,

ICSD Technical Director - Swimming

By Reed Gershwind