2011 World Deaf Swimming Championships will be in Coimbra, Portugal, 7 - 14 August. Preliminary entries are due 8 October 2010. Qualification times have been posted. Swimming regulations and event schedule will be announced after site inspection. Hope to share more information in the next report.

Two deaf swimming web sites have been created by former Deaflympian swimmers. Deaf Swim World by Gerda Bouw-Reinhard of Netherlands who now resides in Germany and Facebook - World Deaf Swimming by Annabel Bishop of Australia. Please surf their sites and support their endeavors in promoting deaf swimming.

Germany will host EDSO Swimming Championships next month, 20-26 June. Good luck European swimmers. Look forward to your results and success.

Nations, please consider hosting a short-course (25m) international swim meet. FINA and most countries support short-course swimming competitions. ICSD recognize short-course records. Years 2012 and 2016 are available to host this exciting and fast event.

Enjoy swimming this summer.

ICSD Technical Director - Swimming

By Reed Gershwind