Sweden 6 Russia 3

The Swedes defeated the Russians today 6 to 3. Magnus Lennartsson (SWE) and Hakan Hammenstig (SWE) led the team in scoring today during the second period. There were a lot of penalities for the Sweden team, with 10 players being sent to the pentalty box.   In all, the Swedes lost 38 minutes on those players. Magnus Larsson (SWE) was sent to the penalty box 3 times. In the first period, Russia scored one goal and the Swedes scored 2 goals. Sweden's goalie Robert Edlund blocked all attempts that the Russians attempted to score during the second period while Russia's goalie Eugenei Tidunine missed three and the Swedes led by 5 to 1. Things weren't looking good for the Russians in the third round until Oleg Danilenico scored 2 goals and brought Russia to 3-6 with two minutes left in the game. With several valiant attempts in the last two minutes, Russia missed all goal attempts and lost the game to the Swedes.
By Scott Mohan