Sweden 21 Switzerland 1

Sweden continued the tradition of beating Switzerland 21 to 1. To start off the first period, Sweden's Christopher Edlund scored the first goal 42 seconds into the game. Sweden took advantage of a strong first period as they made a total of 9 goals. Despite numerous close goal shots during the first period, Switzerland did not make any goals. During the second period, Sweden scored 8 more goals while Switzerland's Stefan Lenenberger scored the first and the only goal of the game. Sweden's Goalie Tobias Lundquist played his best, blocking an improved Switzerland team all the way to the end. With a poor defense strategy plan, Switzerland's Richard Kempf did an admirable job of tending the net. In the final period, Switzerland worked hard to keep Sweden from scoring more but Sweden made 4 more goals. Overall, Christopher Edlund (SWE) led the team with 7 goals, and Robert Edlund (SWE) made 4 goals.
By Adele Ann Eberwein