Sofia 2013 Two Teams Added For Women's Volleyball

The strength shown by women's deaf volleyball teams during the qualification process for the Sofia 2013 Deaflympics was very impressive. As a result the ICSD board has agreed to a request to expand the number of women's teams qualifying to twelve, to match the number of men's teams. "ICSD is committed to gender equality in sports, both on the field of play and off it," said ICSD President Craig Crowley. "We are delighted to help ensure young deaf girls have yet more positive role models."

 "The German Deaf Sports Association is very happy that it's efforts have born fruit and that the ICSD vote for an equal right for the participation of women and men volleyball teams in the Deaflympics 2013," said German Deaf Sports Federation Sports Director Sabine Grajewski. "This is an opportunity for the newly established German women volleyball team to keep playing international competitions."

"The USA Deaf Women's Volleyball Team has long been a powerhouse on the world stage, medaling in every Deaflympics they have competed in," said three-time Deaflympian and USADSF Board Member, Dr. Becky Clark. "The USA Deaf Sports Federation congratulates the team on qualifying for the 2013 Deaflympics as the USA celebrates the 40th anniversary of Title IX. We are strongly committed to continue providing equal and accessible opportunities for our deaf female athletes." The qualifying women's volleyball teams for Sofia 2013 are:

APDSC 1. Japan 2. Uzbekistan

CADS 1. South Africa

EDSO 1. Ukraine 2. Italy 3. Russia 4. Belarus 5. Poland 6. Germany

PANAMDES 1. Mexico 2. Canada 3. USA