Hello Snowboard Riders, Fans, and Interested Readers,

The past is behind us and the future beckons. Now we want to concentrate all of our efforts on the sport of snowboarding for the coming months. Until now, we greatly miss you in the sport of snowboarding for the Deaf. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us and I need strong individuals who can contribute to the organisation of various events. Most importantly, we definitely need a main sponsor.

Riders who choose to participate have a wide range of possibilities within the Deaf World Snowboard Tour Rider (same as TTR tour) events all over the world, no matter what your level of riding. From beginner to pro level events, there is a TTR snowboard event on a hill near you.

Just head to the Events section of the DWR site at local events which are close to you or if you prefer, look for events at the national or even international level where you will find various competitions. In the Events section of the website DRW, users are able to filter out events nation-star level, gender, period, and even format.

Riders do not need a special license to compete in DRW events. Simply register for the event that you want to compete in by the relevant deadline and then just go and ride. The final results of DWR competitions will be automatically transferred to the database and afterwards you will recieve DRW rankings.

All deaf snowboard riders must stand together, because after all, this is snowboard culture and it will always remain uniquely special and cool. We are that special lifestyle!

Contact me directly for any questions or e-mail: and request more information about this topic.

I wish you a lot of success and fun on the glacier over these hot summer days. Your email message will be confidential and will not be forwarded.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

I wish you much success and fun in the summer camp on the glacier with the hot summer days.

ICSD Technical Director - Snowboard

By Marco Galmarini