It has been 2 months since Winter Deaflympics came to a close at Salt Lake City.  I hope the beautiful times that everyone had at Winter Deaflympics remain fresh in memory. 

The Winter Deaflympics 2007 ended for this year but before we realise it, the 2011 Winter Deaflympics at High Tatras, Slovakia will be here!  I was very pleased with the high level of enthusiasm and motivation among the snowboarders.  I hope to see that this continues throughout the next 4 years into the 2011 Winter Deaflympics.

I would like to congratulate our gold, silver, bronze medal winners, including all of our snowboarders because everyone who participated in the competitions was a winner.  I hope that they were well celebrated at home!  They should share their experiences with our younger Deaf generations to promote the sport of snowboarding, to generate more interest in the sport of snowboarding among our young Deaf children.  My goals are to increase the number of competitive snowboarders and to increase the number of country with its snowboarder representatives for Deaflympics.   We want to promote this exciting winter sport to our next Deaf generation.  

In the ICSD, we have decided that there will be a World Deaf Championship for winter sports, including snowboarding that will take place every 4 years, like Winter Deaflympics.  So now, we will have a World Deaf Championship in 2 years then the next 2 years will be the 2011 Winter Deaflympics.  The ICSD hopes to find an organizer for the next World Deaf Championship for Winter Sports.

In the next eNews, I will inform you of many Internet addresses about general Snowboarding.

Marco Galmarini
ICSD Technical Director - Snowboard

By Marco Galmarini