Hello from Australia!

My name is Mac Adam some of you may have met me during the Melbourne 2005 Summer Deaflympics when I was the Team Manager for Australian Shooting Team.

I would like to congratulate for the German Shooting Team for their success in breaking World Records this year.

Many thanks to Wayne Langbein the Technical Operations Manager for his great assistance in setting up new PDF format for the ICSD Shooting Records and World Shooting Records that have been cleaned up and lined up with ISSF regulations.

Thanks again Wayne!

I would like to encourage the Junior World Records to be established as per ISSF Regulations. The age limit for juniors is up to 21 years of age.

I have received some e-mail messages regarding the confusion about the .22 long rifle calibre or .22 short rifle calibre to be used on 25 m Rapid Fire. The World Records for 25m Rapid Fire would be .22 long rifle calibre as per ISSF Regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance for your shooting enquires.

Mac Adam
ICSD Technical Director - Shooting

By Mac Adam