Saudi Arabia Deaf Sports Committee Becomes an Independent Body

An independent committee has been formed to run and supervise all deaf
sporting activities inside and outside the kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

We thank God and we wish to express our gratitude to all members of the CISS for supporting our committee since its establishment up to its independence the members of our new committee board are as follows:

  1. Saeed M. Al-qathani, President (Deaf)
  2. Adel A. Oraif, Vice President (Deaf)
  3. Abdullah M. AL-Essa, Secretary General (Deaf)
  4. Khalid A. Al-Hmood, Member (Deaf)
  5. Essa M. Al-Shagry, Member (Deaf)
  6. Mohammed A. Abumudr, Member and Sign translator (Hearing)
  7. Helil M. Al-Humedan, Member and Ministerial representative (Hearing)
  8. Turki A. Al-Shehri, Administrative secretary (Deaf)
By Secretariat