Report from Vice President

2007 is closing near and 2008 is on horizon...

2007 is the year of many events – big and small.

  • The 16th Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City in February
  • The Deaflympics Reform Symposium in Zagreb, Croatia in May
  • World Basketball, Futsal, Swimming Championships
  • Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup
  • Women’s sport seminar in Passaug, Switzerland
  • There were some more …….

These are only part of the Deaflympics’s 2007 programme. Next year  - 2008 – will be more World Championships as follows:

  • Martial Arts 
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics
  • Wrestling
  • Golf

But we must not forget there are also regional championships too.There are some European Deaf Championships, Asia Pacific Deaf Games, Mediterranean Games and Africa Football Cup which will be part of qualification for the 21st Summer Deaflympics in Taipei.

I have been in contact with CADS – Confederation of African Deaf Sports – about Africa Football Cup and I do hope it will take place. All African member countries are invited to participate in this Cup but only those who have registered for the participation in the Summer Deaflympics (The registration for team sports has been closed) are qualified only if they take top places at the Africa Cup. If the country who has NOT registered can participate in the Africa Cup and they can be perhaps African champions they still cannot proceed to the Summer Deaflympics. CADS will send out shortly the letters of invitation with full details. After this Africa Cup CADS and I would like to see the next Cup host already express its interest to host the next Cup in 2011. So get ready NOW for next Cup bid to host. At this 2008 Africa Cup I will be present as ICSD representative and will hold two workshops – one for CADS board members and another one for all delegates of African countries.

So take positive steps towards the Deaflympics NOW!

I wish you lots of Season greetings for 2008!

David Lanesman
ICSD Vice President

By David Lanesman