Report from Vice President


Since the last international gathering of symposium representatives in Zagreb, Croatia in July 2007, efforts have been made to improve financial support for Deaflympics. I am now in process in securing a potential sponsor and will have to wait for the outcome from the upcoming meeting.

As the Chair of Finance and Marketing I am looking for a suitable person as an additional member to our Finance and Marketing commission. He/she must have a good knowledge in Economics or Finance areas, possibility of good connections and communications of hearing world of finance. Please send your curriculum vitae directly to me at

As ICSD’s liaison officer with Africa I am pleased to inform that Guinea and Sierra Leone have registered for World Deaf Futsal Championships, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria in November 2007. I hope other African countries will follow this suit but for upcoming World Deaf Championships (For this Futsal the registration has been closed). CADS (Confederation of African Deaf Sports) had its first executive meeting held in Lagos, Nigeria in August and we congratulate them for a productive meeting. 

David Lanesman
ICSD Vice President

By David Lanesman