Report from Vice President

Hi Readers!

Time flies by very quickly since our last Congress and Summer Deaflympics in Melbourne in January 2005 and we are approaching very fast to the next Congress and Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City in February 2007.

Do you see any change since the last Summer Deaflympics in Melbourne? You will be “hearing” the President Report by the President Dr. Donalda Ammons at the forthcoming Congress and you will know that many new and positive changes have taken place.

Do the number of winter sports participants grow since the 2003 Sundsvall Winter Deaflympics? You will too know when you come to Salt Lake City.

As Finance Chair I ask some of you who have not paid off the debts up to 2006 please to pay all debts upon your arrival at Salt Lake City before you are allowed to be involved in Salt Lake City.

I will be at Salt Lake City starting on 31 January 2007 to 10 February 2007, and you are very much welcome to approach to me with questions specially on finance matters. I will be very pleased to assist you.

Also we need your cooperation to complete our survey and it will be probable that I will personally select about 20-25 countries to complete the forms which will enable us to understand our deaf sports positions. From this survey we may be able to raise issues with the IOC from which we may benefit for the better.

See you in Salt Lake City

David Lanesman
ICSD Vice President

By David Lanesman