Report from Vice President


Heartiest congratulations to the 2008 Widex Sportspersons!

Now it is only less than 8 months away before the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics begin! Are you ready? I hope so. Despite there is global financial crisis, we do hope all of you will manage to travel to Taipei.

I was recently assigned to an additional task to supervise setting up of athletes' commission.

The Athletes commission will consist of FIVE deaf athletes. Their duties are as follows:

  1. To ensure an effective forum for information dissemination about the welfare of athletes taking part in ICSD events.
  2. To deal with sports matters arising under the ICSD Constitution and Bylaws, or referred by the ICSD Executive Committee or Committees of the ICSD.
  3. To advise upon the sports program of the ICSD.
  4. To recommend the according of ICSD status to any sport.
  5. To review the sports program of the ICSD as prepared by the DGOC and to forward its comments and recommendations to the ICSD Executive Committee.
  6. To consider and report upon appropriate policies for sports for Deaf people.

The five athletes will represent 3 summer sports and 2 winter sports. There will be an election of 5 athletes taking place in Taipei. The booth will be placed there. The exact details will be announced after our 2nd site visit to Taipei in May 2009.

The procedure of elections is as follows:

  1. The directorate will send out to all the countries the forms of proposals of candidates which must be returned to the directorate signed.
  2. The names of the candidates will be announced on our website and other forms of announcements.
  3. You must promote the candidates among your sportspersons.
  4. In Taipei only sportspersons will vote 5 names (3 from the summer sports and 2 from the winter sports).
  5. After announcement of winners they will be called to meet with ICSD.

The candidates must have participated at least twice in either Summer or Winter Deaflympics including the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics.

David Lanesman
ICSD Vice President

By David Lanesman