Report From Vice President

Since my last Vice President Report immediately after the EC meeting in Passugg I was assigned to do several major projects. Those projects include strengthening the Marketing and Finance Commission as the Chairman, supporting the CADS into implementing the first General Assembly, and developing survey which was sent out recently to our members. This helps our organization to continue to move in the right direction and for a better and stronger future.

With the help of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf funds, the Secretariat had distributed the CADS Constitution to all African members for their review before the first General Assembly of CADS, which was supposed to take place in November 2005 in Accra Ghana. Due to last minute cancellation by the host -Ghana, it will be postponed to later date in 2006. With my guidance and support I will ensure that CADS have their General Assembly in early 2006. We want to see all regional confederations to be able to have procedure in place.

I want to thank the Members who have already submitted their survey responses! For those of you who have not responded yet, please do so as soon as possible since this is important information. This is very useful tool for our reports.

As the Chairman of Finance commission I ask those who have not paid membership dues or other debts to the Deaflympics to settle their debts as soon as possible. The year 2005 is ending in 2 months before we start on 2006 membership dues! Those who have problems with paying off their debts, please contact the Secretariat and discuss with  their issues and work with us on plans to pay off their debts.

Let us all move forward in a positive direction for the sake of deaf sports!

By David Lanesman