Report from Sports Director

Only less than four more months, the 21st Summer Deaflympics will officially be opened! For all athletes, officials, sports – friends and people who are interested in sports it is a highlight to attend the Summer Deaflympics. We heartly welcome you to Taipei/ Chinese Taipei.

Now I want to give some news about the consultants and assistant Technical Directors for the 21st Summer Deaflympics. As you already know, there were two vacant Technical Director spots for Bowling and Karate. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Kazimierz Chodak (USA) and Wen-Tsai WANG (TPE) have accepted to serve as consultants for Bowling and Karate respectively. We trust that both consultants will receive a good cooperation from all attending countries in Taipei, Chinese Taipei.

Let's turn attention to the Assistant Technical Directors. The reason for our need of assistants is, that some kind of sports are very big (e.g. Basketball, Football, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, and Swimming). These kinds of sport have to be carried out in different places and for both genders. I want to introduce some consultants who will assist the Technical Directors:

Assistant Technical Director for Basketball - Jürgen Endress (GER)
Assistant Technical Director for Beach Volleyball/Volleyball – Ido Rosink (ISR)
Assistant Technical Director for Football – Tony Clews (AUS)
Assistant Technical Director for Swimming – Cindy-Lu Bailey (Fitzpatrick) (AUS)

All countries who plan to participate 21st Summer Deaflympics will only have one authorized person per National Deaf Sports Association who will be responsible to do the online Final Entries. Now I want to explain the "Filling Out Instructions". It is of a huge importance that all participating countries in the 21st Summer Deaflympics follow the instructions precisely. Please follow every point exactly in the instructions and then submit it to the ICSD office.

Online Final Entry for the 21st Summer Deaflympics

  1. All forms must be filled out with the information requested. Leaving the field blank will not be accepted.
  2. Qualification Standards for Athletics and Swimming events are strictly enforced. Please enter athlete's Best Results for each event via online. Leaving the field blank will not be accepted.
  3. Team Sports
    • Women's Basketball is for only to the 10 countries entered as Women's Basketball team:
      AUS – CHN – TPE – GRE – HKG – JPN – LTU – SWE – UKR – USA
    • Men's Basketball is for only to the 15 countries entered as Men's Basketball team:
      CHN – TPE – GER – GRE – HKG – ISR – JPN – LTU – RUS – SLO – ESP – TUR – UKR – USA – VEN
    • Women's Football is for only to the 8 countries entered as Women's Football team:
      DEN – GER – GBR – JPN – RUS – RSA – THA – USA
    • Men's Football is for only to the 16 countries entered as Men's Football team:
      ARG – DEN – FRA – GER – GBR – IRI – IRL – JPN – KAZ – KOR – NGR – RUS – ESP – RSA – UKR – USA
    • Men's Handball is for only to the 6 countries entered as Men's Handball team:
      TPE – CRO – GER – SRB – THA – TUR
    • Women's Volleyball is for only to the 9 countries entered as Women's Volleyball team:
      ARG – BLR – GHA – ITA – JPN – RUS – SWZ – UKR – USA
    • Men's Volleyball is for only to the 11 countries entered as Men's Volleyball team:
      TPE – FJI – GER – GHA – IRI – JPN – POL – RUS – TUR – UKR – VEN
    • Men's Water Polo is for only to the 5 countries entered as Men's Water Polo team:
      GER – HUN – IRL – ITA – USA

      IMPORTANT! Please fill out uniform numbers (cap numbers for water polo) for all team sports via online Final Entry. Also uniform colors (cap colors for water polo) is available to fill out.

  4. Family Name and Given Name – in each box - should be correctly spelled.
  5. Birthday should be shown as in: Day Month Year - i.e. 20 Feb 1985
  6. The online 'Final Entry Report' must be emailed to the ICSD Secretariat. Also the Final Entry Report must be printed, signed, and mailed to the ICSD Secretariat. Copies may be retained for your archives.
  7. For paring events in Badminton (doubles & mixed doubles), Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis (doubles & mixed doubles), and Tennis (doubles & mixed doubles), please enter the names that the athlete will pair up together for the event listed above.
  8. Please see Appendix 1PDF for maximum number of athletes and reserve allowed for each event.
  9. Please see Appendix 2PDF for maximum number of athletes for each discipline (sport).
  10. Associations with Delegates for Congress should fill in both the "Power of Attorney" and assign Delegate role via online Entry Form in Step 4 - Enter Delegates and Officials.
  11. The deadline date to submit new audiogram form to ICSD Secretariat is on 29 May 2009.

For participation in the 21st Summer Deaflympics, all participants are required to bring their passport or a valid government issued card with photo identification on the day when they receive their accreditation badge for the 21st Summer Deaflympics.

Sincerely yours,

ICSD Sports Director

By Josef Willmerdinger