Update on Team Sports Qualifying System for Tokyo 2025

.We have the latest updates on the qualifying system for team sports at Tokyo 2025:

The Guidelines for team selection for Tokyo 2025 were published on 20 November 2023. According to Deaflympics Regulation 12.1, the Preliminary Team Entry closed on 15 May 2023. Below is the list of selected teams (highlighted in red) for Tokyo 2025:

Regions marked in yellow require a qualifying round or equivalent competition before the preliminary entry closes. Meanwhile, regions marked in green will accept preliminary team entries within the region until 15 April 2024.

The Preliminary Entry period is from 15 September to 15 November 2024. All team sport directors will review entries made by national teams after the deadline on 15 November 2024. If the number of entries is not met, priority will be given to countries with submitted Preliminary Team Entry Forms in our system. Countries not listed must enter regional championships or qualify based on world ranking.

Results of the invited teams will be announced on 18 November 2024.