President's Message - April 2007

I am truly pleased to declare that the 2007 Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City was a success!  It was well attended with over 5,000 spectators flying in from every corner of the USA and the world.  There were 298 athletes and little more than 300 officials and staff participating in the Games for ten days. The success was an epitome of the USA Deaf Sports Federation’s fervent pledge to the mission of Deaflympics. The world joins me in sending off thousands of hand waves to USADSF and the Organizing Committee!

As President of this prestigious organization, I am deeply committed to its mission of excellence in presiding over competitions among Deaf athletes from all over the world.  Included in the many things that we do is to contribute to the development of sport opportunities; provide direct support for other nations; encourage research and scientific activities that contribute to the development of the Deaflympics; and establish policies that promote sports for Deaf athletes without discrimination.  We do so much, but many objectives still need to be met.

In order to achieve our goals, we must first work on expanding our financial base.  For the first time in Deaflympics history, we are campaigning for support from our circle of friends.  The pursuit for continued success and excellence is infinite.  I believe that with your encouragement and support, we will carry our legacy to far-reaching heights.

In addition to the excellence of the Games in Salt Lake City, the magic we experienced at the 2005 Summer Deaflympics in Melbourne is a testament of our ability to have made it possible for generations of Deaf athletes to participate in the Games.  Our athletes from the past and present have a deep fire within, fueled by dreams and goals with a determination to succeed and a resolve to never give up.  We are all a part of that fire, and we must help keep it burning.  The future of our Deaf youth depends on it.

Now, I invite you to join me in my mission to help strengthen and expand Deaflympics’ place in the world of sports.  Show your support by making donations today! Our headquarter office address is:

528 Trail Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 21701

On another note, I recently announced the establishment of an ad-hoc commission on Deaf Sports Reform.  I, as an ex-officio member, will oversee the commission. The commission members, to be recommended by the Executive Committee and regional presidents, will be named shortly at the end of this month.

Why do we need a Deaf Sport Reform?  In May 2001, the International Olympic Committee granted the name change of ICSD’s quadrennial event from the World Games for the Deaf to Deaflympics. Therefore, to carry out the objectives and ideals of Olympism, ICSD recognizes the obligation to establish a special commission for Deaf Sports Reform.

The ad-hoc commission for Deaf Sport Reform will facilitate a Deaf Sport Reform symposium to be held 5-7 July, 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia.  Participation in the symposium will be by invitation, including full members, associate members, technical directors and other invited individuals. Symposium attendees will have an opportunity to participate and contribute ideas for potential changes in the organizational structure and functions of sub-groups within the ICSD. The commission will make a preliminary report to the Executive Committee by September 2007.  The report will be printed in the next issue of E-News.

For the next few months between May and August, we have a very busy competition schedule, with 3 European Championships, 3 World Championships, and 1 Regional multi-sport Games.  Come out and support our athletes! For more information on these events, go to

Till next time,

Dr. Donalda K. Ammons

By Donalda Ammons