I would like to  update you about World Deaf Orienteering Championships (WDOC) in Hungary. Hungarian Deaf Sports Federation (HDSF) still would like to host WDOC on 14-19 August 2006.

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf have set a deadline of 30 January 2006 for HDSF to officially provide them with documents because the HDSF old board members was not able to do the process properly, the new board was elected last November 2005 and is determined to provide ICSD with proper documents and host the World Deaf Orienteering Championships.

I have worked hard with the Hungarian Deaf Sports Federation to make sure that this Championship happens, so as soon as everything is clear, HDSF will send out invitations and information to the deaf sports federations in all countries.

I hope that Australia, Japan, USA and other country outside Europe will take part in WDOC in Hungary in 2006, so we can carry out the Championship, because we have to follow the rules: "International Committee of Sports for the Deaf members from at least two regions taking part. Where there are less than five ICSD members from at least two regions taking part in the event, the host nation shall have the responsibility of terming the sporting event as an international competition or cancelling the event."

If we don´t meet the requirements according to the rules, we have to cancel the WDOC in 2006, and then we must wait until 2010 for the next WDOC!

If you like to read more information about Orienteering, you can visit the page at http://www.deaforienteering.org

Marek Mir-Mackiewicz
ICSD Technical Director - Orienteering

By Marek Mir-Mackiewicz