New member of the ICSD Reform Commission

Dear ICSD Members and Athletes,

The last time I spoke with you about the ICSD Reform Commission, I announced the new membership and how we were anticipating an appointment of a member from the Asia Pacific region. I am pleased and delighted that we have a new person from that region to fill the vacancy on the commission. His name is Yukata Osugi and he is an ideally qualified to fill this role having been involved in ICSD’s work on reform in the early days of ICSD’s reform journey. I know you will join me in congratulating Mr. Osugi on his appointment to the commission.

Secondly, I wish to acknowledge the feedback received to date about the need for additional time to provide feedback to the draft governance pack. We are happy to advise that we are happy to extend the feedback period and that given that we are working towards an aggressive timeframe, we also suggest that this feedback be provided sooner than later!  As ICSD believes that having the engagement of the ICSD community is integral to making this reform as good as it can be,  I thank you for letting us know and we look forward to receiving your feedback!


Rebecca Adam

ICSD President