Management Team Represents at WFD Congress in Montreal

Granfors, Artmann, Lovett, & Ammons
The new logo on display at the WFD Congress.

Every four years, the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) holds its World Congress, just like we do with our own DEAFLYMPICS Congress and Deaflympic Games.  The main purpose of WFD Congress, a prestigious gathering of Deaf and hearing people coming together from around the world, is to present papers and share developments in areas of interest to Deaf people.

President John Lovett and Treasurer Ole Artmann represented DEAFLYMPICS at the WFD General Assembly for the first 2 days, while Donalda Ammons, Secretary General and Tiffany Granfors, Administrator set up a display booth at the exhibition hall.

At the exhibition hall, for five days nearly 3,000 registrants had the opportunity to gather up-to-date information on technology, research and development relating to deafness and many more.

Some of the major benefits of the Congress exhibition include the opportunity for the DEAFLYMPICS Management Team:

  1. to unveil the newly designed logo of DEAFLYMPICS;
  2. to disseminate information on the 2005 Deaflympic Summer Games- Melbourne, and
  3. to offer information on how to become a member of DEAFLYMPICS. 

The Management Team members also had a fantastic opportunity to interact with members of the Deaf community.

Since our trip to Montreal, we have received more than ever requests for membership applications and inquiries from athletes who have never competed in DEAFLYMPICS before!

By Donalda Ammons