Dear judo, officers and all,

From 28 October to 1 November, I went to Venezuela for a site inspection to establish the world championship of martial arts, went well. I went to the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (VOC) and Ministry of Sports of Venezuela with the team FEPOSOR. At VOC; I met PRARRAGAI Elida, Vice-President of VOCs and have agreed and want to organize the 2012 World Deaf Martial Arts Championships at the Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

At the Ministry of Sports of Venezuela: I also had the support and wish to organize the championships by LOVERA Joaquin, the planner FEPOSOR Ministry of Sport.

Since Judo, Karate and Taekwondo are a recognized sport at the Summer Deaflympics, there was the 2008 World Deaf Martial Arts Championships in Europe in Toulouse, France; the 2009 Summer Deaflympics in Asia in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, this is the first World Deaf Martial Arts Championships officially organized on the continent of South America sanctioned by the ICSD.

With all the team FEPOSOR; Organizing Committee and members of ICSD, we look to make and give a better organization for 2012 World Deaf Martial Arts Championships can put athletes, coaches and managers confidence in the best state of mind sport and competitions.

I am in favor of welcoming the 2012 World Deaf Martial Arts Championships to be held in Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

The organization of judo events during the championships will have:

  • Weight categories competition for men and women.
  • Open competition for men and women.

And there will be two (2) new judo events:

  • Kata competition (Nage no Kata)
  • Team competition Men (-66kg,-73kg,-81kg,-90kg and +90 kg)

Preliminary Registration will be distributed around 07 July 2011 and it is due by 07 October 2011. Final Entry with names of each athlete, event entered, and officials will be distributed around 27 April 2012 and it is due by 27 July 2012.

Hoping for a large number of countries and athletes for 2012 World Deaf Martial Arts Championships. The number of countries and athletes had a record turnout in 2008 Toulouse with 20 countries and 142 athletes.

Sincerely sports

ICSD Technical Director - Judo

By Damien Antoine