ISCD Looking For Technical Directors

ICSD is looking for technical directors and assistant technical directors, to help lead deaf sport until the next Deaflympics. ICSD is deeply grateful to all TDs for their hard work.

ICSD's Technical directors do a very important job of developing their sports: the work includes helping to organise deaf world championships. The TDs also help organise the competitions for each sport at the Deaflympics. They help identify hosts for competitions, liaise with international sports federations that govern each sport and ensure that each sport is played by as many deaf people around the world as possible, to the highest level possible.

The positions are voluntary and are often filled by former athletes looking to give something back to their sport. All expenses when making trips on behalf of ICSD will be covered. Technical directors are also supported in their work by the board and staff of ICSD.

All summer sports are currently available, together with Curling, Ice Hockey and Snowboarding. Candidates can apply for either TD, assistant TD or both. Athletics, Basketball, Football and Swimming currently have assistant TDs. Sports under consideration for the appointment of assistant TDs are bowling and volleyball.

The deadline for applications is 30 November.

The application form can be completed at:

Applicants must also provide two letters of support: one of these must come from the applicant's national deaf sports federation. Letters of support should be sent to before 30 November.
Job description:
- covers the period January 2014 until the next Deaflympics for each sport
- liaise with ICSD board and staff
- liaise with ICSD members
- liaise with host organisations
- liaise with national sports federations in the host countries of competitions
- liaise with the international federation for your sport
- ensure hosts are in place for world championships in your sport, making inspections where necessary (please see ICSD calendar)
- help ensure preparations for world championships are on track
- communicate with ICSD members and potential members to ensure maximum attendance at your world championships
- participate in professional development seminars
- verifying world record performances and helping manage world records
- developing, maintaining and communicating deaf-specific regulations for your sport
- develop and execute plans to promote your sport between competitions

Person description:
- you must have a proven commitment your sport
- ideally you will have experience of your sport at major international competitions as an athlete, coach or official
- you must be able to communicate in international sign
- you should also be able to communicate in written English
- you should be comfortable dealing with senior sports managers
- ICSD looks to recruit deaf people wherever possible
- ICSD is committed to closing the gender gap in sports, by recruiting women where possible