Independent ICSD Ethics and Complaints Commission

Mark Kusiak
ICSD Reform Commission Member

Hello, ICSD Members and Athletes,

My name is Mark Kusiak from Canada; I am on the ICSD Reform Commission. At our recent meeting, we discussed having an independent Ethics and Complaints Commission at ICSD. Its purpose will be to resolve any complaints raised under its terms of reference. The commission also believes that the commission needs to be neutral and not aligned to any member of the ICSD board or staff.  

To become a member of the commission, candidates would need to have the right set of skills and experiences, preferably within an ethics framework.

The recruitment process would begin with a nominations from national deaf sport federation 6 months prior to Congress. Ideally, the candidate will have the appropriate skills, experience and a good understanding about working within an ethics framework. Candidates will also be required not to have any position within the ICSD organisation.

The Legal Commission will review nominations and ensure that all nominations meet requirements. There will be a voting process to appoint candidates for positions on the Ethics and Complaints Commission. This commission will also appoint its own Chair.

In the case of vacant positions on the commission, the Legal Commission will work with the ICSD Executive Board to recruit members for the commission.