ICSD will undergo a procedure of governance assessment

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf will undergo a procedure to assess its governance under the supervision of the GAISF.

Mr. Kang Chen, ICSD President, is pleased to announce the ICSD is currently in the process of passing through the procedure of governance assessment with consultancy and support of the GAISF.

GAISF is the Global Association of International Sports Federations, an umbrella body composed of autonomous and independent International Sports Federations and other international sport and event-related organizations with the vision to serve, represent, promote and protect the common interests of Members and to help them achieve their global objectives.

Since the beginning of February 2020, the ICSD Secretariat is dealing with the good governance questionnaire ranging from policy-making, availability of information to the general public to gender balance with the objective to monitor and improve the ICSD code of ethics and other governance systematic.

Subsequent to the completion of this procedure, the filled questionnaire will be provided to the GAISF for analysis and further recommendations.

To go through this governance assessment is a perfect opportunity for the ICSD to improve its governance procedures and to comply with international standards. Both the ICSD President and the Secretariat consider that taking steps to actively improve its governance procedures will particularly and positively affect our organization and the World Deaf Sport.