ICSD Technical Commission Update

Martin Bogard

ICSD Technical Commission Chairperson

Hello to all ICSD Members and Athletes,

My name is Martin Bogard and I have been appointed as the Chair of ICSD Technical Commission. The commission consists of five (5) TDs John Knetzger (Beach Volleyball), Tobias Burz (Tennis), Jonathan Guinta (Curling), Bongyku Jeong (Taekwondo) and me (Badminton).

Our current object is to review draft updated Deaflympics and World Championship Regulations by end of February 2019 ready for publishing via our website for comment from TD’s, ICSD members and athletes. 

I want all comments and feedback by mid/end of March so that we have a final draft for the ICSD Reform Symposium to be held in Brazil. 

We also are working on Technical Regulations for all Summer and Winter sports and to update the Checklist for both individual and team sports.

We will be collaborating with other Commissions in various aspects. If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will be delighted to help you.

Thank you.