ICSD Reform and Associate Members?

Dear ICSD members and athletes,

My name is Jean Pierre and I am a member of the ICSD Reform Commission.

The commission has been working on a program of reform initiatives for ICSD.

One of these initiatives is a new membership process for sports to become an ICSD Associate Members (IDSF).

The goal is to make this process easier.

If an IDSF wants to become an associate member with ICSD, the IDSF will be able to gain provisional membership. This will enable the IDSF to prepare all the necessary documentation including obtaining recognition from the International Federation for that sport prior to obtaining ratification from Congress. The provisional membership will be for a limited time.

Should ratification from Congress not be forthcoming, Congress may grant an additional 2 years of provisional membership for the IDSF to do its paperwork.

We hope this will see more sports become associate members with ICSD.

Thank you.