ICSD News - July 2012

Greetings from ICSD

On behalf of ICSD Board we bring some news to members, athletes and sports friends on ICSD activities to date:

1. Sofia Deaflympics 2013 - Bulgaria: we have been in constant contact with Bulgaria as regards plans and arrangements for next year's DEAFLYMPIC event; inspection visit is now expected to take place during the first week in September 2012; please follow correspondence from CEO as regards registration forms.

2. ICSD Governance - ICSD Board are in process of completing arrangements for consultation exercise to be forwarded to members later this month -

Please look out for them via our email to members and website to our sports friends

3. ICSD Legal Commission - formal interviews have recently been completed and it is expected that an announcement will be made shortly to recruit 2 newest members to the Commission headed by our Board member, Rebecca Adam.

4. Technical Commission - ICSD Board is to make a formal announcement of new Chair early this month and ICSD Board is also keen to tie up terms of reference for Technical and Athletes this month.

5. ICSD wishes to congratulate both Asia Pacific & PanAmdes for electing new Presidents & new Board - more of that to come in next month's bulletin - ICSD thanks previous Boards for their hard work and commitment - new change means important times ahead for both regional Confederations

6. ICSD has sent the final draft of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to World Federation of the Deaf for their Board to consider it's contents for way forward partnership for the benefit of deaf people and athletes all over the world

That's it for now - more to come later - thanks for watching!


By Mark Cooper