History of the ICSD Reform Commission


I would like to take this opportunity to share with you about ICSD Sport Reform. It is not something new.

As you know, ICSD received a new name for its quadrennial Games: Deaflympics from IOC in 2001. With the name change, IOC reminded ICSD that it shall meet the obligations and expectations, and to raise the standards.

So in 2006, the ICSD Board had to initiate some reform ideas with the ICSD members at the Symposium in Zagreb, Croatia. Then again, at the ICSD Extraordinary Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia.

ICSD members had to understand that changes must happen. It could not remain stagnant. Each time we checked with the IOC for their approval.  They were pleased with the ICSD’s strategic plans.

Now I am very pleased and happy to see that the current ICSD administration is assuming a leadership role in making and implementing changes. I implore each one of you to study and support changes so that the identity of Deaflympics can be properly preserved at highest levels.

Dr. Donalda Ammons
ICSD Reform Commission member