Games Database Project II

Work on the CISS database has continued steadily. At the present time we are entering names from the 1993 Sofia Games. At this point, we have 9484 unique athletes. A total of 12352 athletes participated in Summer Deaflympics and 1398 athletes participated in Winter Deaflympics.

The work is being done in two phases. First, Mr. Jordan is entering the names of athletes and, where possible, their birth dates and the events they entered. Mr. Langbein is verifying this work.  When we have completed entering all names up to the 2005 Melbourne Games, then we will begin to enter the results of each event.  Our goal is for anyone to be able to type in a name and instantly view all the events and results for that athlete. Only then will the database be certified as official. However, that will take many, many more months of work.

It has been interesting and frustrating work.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate the entry forms for several summer games and for all winter games.  So we have had to work from the final results. These, however, cause problems because often the athletes are only identified by an initial and last name and, of course, there is no birth date.  So we are asking our member federations to please review our work and to give us any corrections and missing information.

For the present time, you can observe the work as it progresses by going to then clicking on the Games tab. When that opens, click on any Summer Deaflympics (up to 1993 now) or Winter Deaflympics (up to 1995 now), then click on Participants and click on the country you are interested in and you will see a list of all participants from that country, with their birth year. 

If any member federation would like to have a list of all their athletes, they should contact Mr. Langbein at and he will send it by email.

Please send any corrections to  We especially would like to be informed of the correct spelling of names and the full birth date where that is missing.

By Jerald Jordan