Games Database Project

Since the CISS archives are now in the hands of Gallaudet University, I am able to pursue my life-long dream of establishing a database of everyone who ever participated in the Games since their beginning in 1924.

Thus far I have entered over 5,000 names, starting with the Paris Games in 1924. Currently I am completing entries for the 1977 Bucharest Games.

The project has two stages. In this first stage, the names are obtained from the official entry forms and that information: Name, birth date, sport and event, is entered into the database. In the second stage, after all names have been entered, we will return to the archives and attempt to obtain results data and add that.

The second stage will be a very large and difficult job as our goal is to include everyone, not just those finishing first, second or third.

When the job is complete (in a few years), it will be possible for one to type in a name and the database will instantly tell you what Games, sports and events that person participated in and how he or she finished.

For the present time, you can observe the work as it progresses by going to then clicking on the Games tab. When that opens, click on any Deaflympics Summer Games (up to 1977 now), then click on Participants and click on the country you are interested in and you will see a list of all participants from that country, with their birth year.

Please inform us of any mis-spellings or any errors that you may notice. You may contact us at We want the data to be perfect!

Jerald M. Jordan

By Jerald Jordan