Finland 4 Sweden 2

The Scandinavian countries continued their across-the-border rivalry on Davos ice. No points were scored during the first period as Finland (2-1) and Sweden (1-2) appeared evenly matched. Robert Edlund (no. 40) and Pauli Kitula (no. 19) goalies for Sweden and Finland, respectively, both did excellent jobs of blocking out goal attempts.

However, the Finns dominated the second period with excellent passes, showing improvement from their game against Canada yesterday. They achieved four goals in eight minutes, the first scored by Pekka Laakari, assisted by Jan-Erik Granvik. The second was achieved twenty-one seconds later by Kristian Lantio assisted by Kimmo Isoaho. Pekka Laakari also scored the third goal, this time assisted by Marko Vuoriheimo. The final Finnish goal of the game was by Ari Torvinen, assisted by Tero Tiainen.

The second period may have belonged to the Finns, but the third belonged to the Swedes. Christopher Edlund of the Swedish team did an excellent job of bringing the puck to the Finnish side in spite of being slammed on the neck with a hockey stick, which earned Finland's Tero Tiainen four minutes in the box. At this point, there were only three Finns on the ice, but no goals came out of this opportunity. In spite of all their efforts, they were able to achieve only two goals during this time, the first by Makan Mammenstig with Christopher Edlund assisting him. The second and last goal of the game was by Joachim Sundstrom, assisted by Kristian Obbarius.

By Jennifer Herbold