Establishment of Ad-Hoc Commission For Deaf Sport Reform

Frederick MD, USA - Dr. Donalda K. Ammons, President of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, announced the establishment of an ad-hoc commission on deaf sports reform. Dr. Ammons, as an ex-officio member, will oversee the commission. The commission members, to be recommended by the Executive Committee and regional presidents, will be named shortly.

In May 2001, the International Olympic Committee granted the name change of ICSD’s quadrennial event from the World Games for the Deaf to Deaflympics. Therefore, to carry out the objectives and ideals of Olympism, ICSD recognizes the obligation to establish a special commission for Deaf Sports Reform.

The ad-hoc commission will facilitate a Deaf Sport Reform symposium to be held 5-7 July, 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia. Participation in the symposium will be by invitation, including full members, associate members, technical directors and other invited individuals. Symposium attendees will have an opportunity to participate and contribute ideas for potential changes in the organizational structure and functions of sub-groups within the ICSD.

Detailed information on the symposium will be announced in April.

“I looked through it (the preliminary structure) and it is impressive…the youth (program) is a must…and in depth discussion would be good” ---Jerald Jordan, Past President and Honorary Life Member

About ICSD:
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) is the world body organization responsible for all aspects of sports for deaf people with the mandate to award and govern the Winter and Summer Deaflympics and Deaf World Championships and to develop and to promote sport training and competition in the Deaf international sporting community.

The Deaflympics, under the auspices of the ICSD, were first competed in Paris in 1924, making it the oldest among the disabled sports organizations. It also receives official recognition and patronage from the International Olympic Committee.

By Secretariat