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Renate Telser, Alisa Budnikayte, Long Hoi, Diana Mokerova and Lindsay Buchko
Renate Telser, Alisa Budnikayte, Long Hoi, Diana Mokerova and Lindsay Buchko
When deaf riders from several nations met at Mont-Tremblant to compete for world deaf championship medals, the rest of the world paid attention. The 2011 World Deaf Cycling Championships was not just an exciting sport event - it was also a unique opportunity for women to compete in women-only events.

San Francisco tried in 2006 and failed. Taipei tried in 2009 and failed. Canada was the first to successfully host separate women's events during international deaf cycling competition when four countries - Italy, Macau, the Russia Federation and the United States of Amercia - sent females to Mont Tremblant.

The first female cyclists to compete in all-women events were Lindsay Buchko – United States of America, Alisa Budnikayte – Russian Federation, Long Hoi – Macau, Diana Mokerova – Russian Federation, and Renate Telser – Italy. They participated in two events, the individual time trial and the road race.

The wheels are turning towards a bright future for deaf women’s cycling. The 2011 WDCC has erased the two earlier failures to host all-women events. All of us in cycling must thank the United States, Russia, Italy and Macau for giving women the opportunity to participate in real competition. Thank you also, Renate, Alisa, Long, Diana, and Lindsay, for breaking the glass ceiling and showing the way to future generations of female cyclists!

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By Ralph Fernandez