Cycling Club is the Key that Opens the Door to the Deaflympics

I would like to share this with you how important it is to have a cycling association for deaf cyclists in your country.  This would  eep your cyclists well informed and to stay fit and healthy.  The United States Deaf Cycling Association - USDCA, California Deaf Wheelers - CDW and dVELO have promoted excellent programs for the deaf cyclists, not only for racing riders but recreational level for family, youth and elders.  By forming a Cyclying Association, you will eventually find some potential riders for the Deaflympics from a new pool of riders.  This will help the sport of cycling in Deaflympics grow stronger and more competitive. 

I understand that the Czech Cycling Club is also active and is the reason for the successful Czech team.  I have seen that there are more deaf leaders who have been involved in helping their national cycling team more than ever in the past.  I understand that the Italians have promoted for an expansion in the numbers of mountain bikers.  Not only this but they are hosting the European Deaf Cycling Championships on 25-31 May 2008 in Verona, Italy.

Bobby Skedsmo
ICSD Technical Director - Cycling

By Bobby Skedsmo