Lamberton and Skedsmo trying out the track!
Lamberton and Skedsmo trying out the track!

Jack Lamberton, USA Deaf Sports Federation Vice President of International Affairs and Bobby Skedsmo, ICSD Cycling Technical Director went to visit the Hellyer Velodrome. This venue will be considered as a possible site for the 12th World Deaf Cycling Championship in late July 2006.  They tried out the track using their regular road bikes instead of their special track bikes. They felt comfortable with the idea of having 1000-meter sprints and 50-kilometer points race there and do not foresee any problems.  Pedal clearance was not the issue when circling up the bank. This track is 335 meters per lap. With confidence, Skedsmo will proceed to contact a responsible person on how to promote and organize the race events at the site. 

The picture shows Lamberton and Skedsmo wearing the jersey which indicates that they are members of the California Deaf Wheelers.  The California Deaf Wheelers and the United States Deaf Cycling Association are the co-hosts of the deaf world cycling championships. We hope you will attend!

Where: San Francisco Bay Area, California USA
When: Tenative - July 2006 (duration: one week)
Headquarter: Fremont, CA
1000-meter sprints
35-kilometer individual time trial
100-kilometer road race
50-kilometer points race

short track mountain bike race for men
long track mountain bike for men
short track mountain bike race for women
long track mountain bike for women

Bobby W. Skedsmo
ICSD Technical Director - Cycling

By Bobby Skedsmo