We are less than three (3) months away from the opening of our 1st World Deaf Curling Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Please check out the WDIHCC's wonderful and detailed website at for more exciting information.

Please also notice in the website that the Opening Day for the Curling World Deaf Championships has been moved up 1 day to 10 April instead of 11 April to accommodate all of the games in a timely fashion.

Game schedule will be posted in the website.

A total of six (6) men countries (Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Slovakia, Switzerland and United States) and five (5) women countries (Canada, Croatia, Great Britain, Slovakia and United States) will participate in the curling games. I wish you the best in your training/preparations and we all look forward seeing you in Winnipeg in April 2009.

Curlers/Coaches who will participate in 1st WDIHCC, please see World Curling Federal's rules at and World Deaf Curling's technical regulations at

Wish you all the best in 2009!

Best Regards,

ICSD Technical Director - Curling

By Dean Sutton